Healthcare Operations, Predictive Analytics, Decision Analysis, Process Improvement, Operations Strategy, Behavioral Operations, Empirical Operations, and Public Policy.


Queenan, C., Cameron, K., Smalley, J., Snell, A. & Joglekar, N. Patient Heal Thyself: Reducing Readmissions with Continuity of Care and Patient Activation. 2019.
Publication Pending with Production and Operations Management (Accepted: July 6, 2019)


Cameron, K., Singh, D. & Srinivasan, J. Accounting for the Patient in Data-Driven Physician Decision Support Systems. 
In-Progress for Submission to Management Information Systems Quarterly

Cameron, K., Sahoo, N., Joglekar, N. & Jain, J. How Much is the Value of Genomic Test Information? Evidence from Post Cardiac Stent Care Decisions.
In-Progress for Submission to Information Systems Research

 Cameron, K. Srinivasan, J. & Heineke, J. Utilizing Data-Driven Decision Support Systems to Reduce Readmission Rates for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure. 
In-Progress for Submission to Production and Operations Management

Cameron, K., Laird, H. & Waters, J. When should Physicians account for Patient-specific information during the Personalized Medicine Process, and when should they deviate? 
In-Progress for Submission to Production and Operations Management